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Add Elegance to Your Kitchen With European Style Cabinets

european style cabinets

European-style kitchen cabinets.

Timeless in design, these cabinets bring beauty and elegance to your home decor. Transforming your kitchen with these doors and drawers, you'll elevate its aesthetic appeal.

From slab-style to frameless designs, these cabinets come in an array of styles to fit every taste. Crafted from top-quality materials like natural wood and synthetic materials, they offer exceptional value.

Plus, they cleverly maximize storage space while complementing any room's overall design.

On top of that, you'll admire how the finished look exudes a sense of luxury. But what you'll love the most is how functional they are! You can use their versatility however you see fit, adjusting shelves and drawers for long-term storage needs or quickly reorganizing them as required.

Bringing classic European style into modern kitchens everywhere, these gorgeous cabinets provide expanded space and added value over time. Not just another stylish element, they make life much easier. And don't rule out custom-made; let experts create tailored solutions for your home!

That’s why I’m so excited about this discovery – it adds value to your life in ways unimaginable before now! Choose quality cabinetry that complements the rest of your home - expanding its appearance & making it more liveable & enjoyable than ever before.

Slab style doors

Slab-style doors are a type of cabinet door that is becoming more popular in North America and Europe. These flat panel doors are usually made from solid hardwood but may also be manufactured from MDF, particle board or thermofoil. They are typically selected for contemporary or transitional kitchen designs.

Slab-style doors offer a sleek and clean look appropriate for any kitchen. Their no-fuss design means they are easy to maintain and care for.

Slabs are typically smooth and straight, with no bevels or raised edges. They can also be customized to match your taste and overall kitchen feel. You can get the most out of your slabs with various colours and finishes.

These sleek and simple cabinets are perfect for modern, minimalist or industrial kitchen designs. The clean, smooth lines make them easy to wipe down.

Frameless design

European-style cabinets are a new trend in the U.S. These sleek and stylish cabinets provide a lot of functionality. They are versatile and can fit into almost any home design.

The frameless cabinet is one of the most popular cabinet styles. Typically, it offers better accessibility and more storage space. You can find frameless cabinets in various colours, finishes, and sizes.

Frameless cabinets have gained popularity in recent years thanks to the popularity of IKEA. This style is also often referred to as the contemporary style. Aside from their sleek design, these cabinets are durable and have increased accessibility.

European-style cabinets are often built with precision. They also have minimal gaps between doors. When doors are open, they look quite impressive.

Synthetic materials used

European-style kitchen cabinets are known for their modern design and traditional inspiration. The clean lines, sleek hardware, and natural materials blend well with flooring or countertops. You can add paint, wall paint, and several accessories to complete the look.

One of the most common treatments for European-style cabinets is high gloss. Unlike conventional laminates, this type of material is smoother and more resistant to fading, wrinkling, and chipping. It is also easier to clean.

Another finishing option is lacquering. Lacquering gives the cabinet a mirror-like finish that is highly reflective. This method is more expensive than other finishes but provides excellent protection.

Another choice for European-style cabinets is wood veneers. These thin slices of wood adhere to a particle board substrate. They give the cabinet a natural, realistic look and are available in various colours and designs. Some popular wood veneers include oak, maple, and cherry.

Integrated handles

If you're looking for a minimalist, modern look for your kitchen, you may want to consider European-style cabinets. They're sleek, frameless and have minimalist aesthetics. This style can also work well with transitional designs.

Integrated handles are an option for European-style cabinets. These handles are available in many materials, including metal and wood. The overall effect depends on the colour and material.

For a more natural touch, choose cabinets made from veneers. Veneers are thin slices of wood, averaging less than three millimetres in thickness. Using veneers in your kitchen cabinetry creates a more solid feel. In addition to the visual appeal, veneers add a natural element to your kitchen.

Another option is thermofoil. Thermofoil is a vinyl substance stretched over the outside of your cabinetry. It's affordable and comes in many different colours and designs.

Storage space

European-style cabinets offer a more functional design than their American counterparts. Their simplistic lines and clean, smooth surfaces are also a welcome sight. They are available in a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary.

If you're looking for a cabinet upgrade, look no further than European-style cabinets. Not only are they a cut above the rest, but they can add value to your home. In addition to providing a better storage solution, a new set of cabinets can add a lot of character to a room. Whether you're looking to spruce up a dorm room or you need a new look for your living or dining area, a set of European-style cabinets will do the trick.

If you're on the hunt for the ultimate cabinet solution, a visit to Luxurable Kitchen & Bath in Tampa, Florida, will be the first step in the right direction. From imported and domestic styles to a massive selection of the finest cabinetry in the Bay Area, they'll help you find the perfect fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best way to remodel a kitchen in?

  • The plumbing and electrical rough ins
  • Drywalling
  • Painting
  • Kitchen cabinet installation
  • Flooring installation
  • Countertop installation
  • Backsplash installation
  • Appliances

Vancouver's climate is white-colored kitchens an option?

Vancouver homeowners love white kitchens. This is because they are brightening up the space and creating a modern appearance. To bring warmth into your space, however, you should consider natural elements such wood as there isn't much sunshine in Metro Vancouver.

How does a kitchen remodeling project affect your home?

A kitchen renovation can double your home's property value by as high as 20%. Major remodels can run from $40,000 to $150,000 so you need to think about how much you can spend and what return you expect.

A kitchen design that appeals broadly to buyers is essential if you intend on selling your home in the near future. Stick with neutral colours and classic styles to avoid turning away potential buyers.

You have more flexibility to customize your kitchen if you don't plan on selling your house anytime soon. Take into consideration what your kitchen is used for and how it should look and feel. Do you host parties often? If so, you might consider a layout with plenty of prep space for guests and ample room for them. Do you love to cook? You may be willing to splash out on more expensive appliances.

No matter what kind of plans you have, a kitchen renovation can increase the value and appeal of your house. Make sure to find the right contractor and do your research to get the best possible results.

What are the advantages of an open-concept cooktop?

Privacy is the biggest issue. An open-concept, open-concept kitchen makes it impossible to conceal the mess from guests. You might also find that guests may be disturbed by the smells of cooking. A kitchen that is open to the outside can be difficult for cleaning if there aren't designated eating and cooking areas. An open-concept kitchen is not the best option if your space is limited.

What are some of the common mistakes with a kitchen renovation?

  • Installing a new kitchen in the wrong location may not work out.
  • Putting the dishwasher too far away from the sink may result in wet floors.
  • If the fridge is placed next the oven, it can make opening the door difficult.
  • A lack of counter space can cause problems.
  • Not having enough storage is another common mistake. Make sure to have enough cabinets and shelves to store all your kitchen appliances and gadgets.
  • It is difficult to choose the right appliances for a kitchen remodel.
  • They should be able to fit in the space and efficient on energy.
  • This is a mistake. They can ensure everything is to scale and fits in the space correctly.
  • A common mistake in kitchen renovation is trying to do too much. For a successful kitchen remodeling project, it is crucial to understand your limits and when you should call in the professionals.
  • Planning for too little budget is a mistake. Kitchens can be costly, so ensure you have the funds to cover the entire project.
  • Not having a clear idea of what you want is a mistake. Before you begin a renovation, you need to have an idea of the style, layout and finishes that you want.

These are some of the most common mistakes made when renovating a kitchen. Plan and consult a professional before starting your project to avoid these mistakes. It is possible to have a successful renovation of your kitchen if you plan and execute well.

What place should a refrigerator be in the kitchen?

The refrigerator should be placed between the stovetop/sink. It should be near the cupboards to ensure that you can easily access what you need.


Does your new kitchen need planning permission?

If you want to make changes to electrical or plumbing connections, you will need an electrical permit and a plumbing permit. A building permit may be required if structural changes are being made to your walls.

You can always ask your local authority for clarification if you are unsure about whether you require planning permission.


  • Your most significant cost investment for a kitchen remodel will usually be cabinets, typically comprising 25 percent of your budget. (
  • In the Pacific region (Alaska, California, Washington, and Oregon), according to Remodeling Magazine, that same midrange central kitchen remodel jumps to $72,513, and a major upscale kitchen remodels jumps up $11,823 from the national average to $143,333. (
  • Experts also recommend setting aside 20 percent of your budget for surprises, including unpleasant demolition discoveries. One is water damage, the electricity that is not up to code, or other budget-spiking gotchas. (
  • “We decided to strip and refinish our kitchen cabinets during a heat wave with 90-plus-degree temperatures and 90 percent humidity in a house with no air conditioning. (
  • Keep 10 to 25 percent of List 2, depending on the budget. (

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How much money will it cost to remodel your kitchen? The average cost for a new kitchen is $40,000 to $100,000, depending upon how big your space is or what features you desire. If you're planning to sell your home soon, consider adding some upgrades to get top dollar at the market value.

Here are our top 12 ways to cut costs without compromising quality.

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